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mark2;50525 wrote: Tj after a long review of my heath i really think mucury and other metal is effecting me ,after what You having been telling me the past few days ,I give it a taugth and its was only waiting for me to take the antibiotics to set loose with candida,So my question to u which is the best test for mucery testing and can i detox while taking antifungals , I work in a metal shop so all of this may be playing a part,I aslo bought the book you recomend.thank u.


From what I understand, the best diagnostic test for mercury toxicity and other heavy metals is a hair elements analysis test. Cutler’s second book, Hair Test Interpretation: Finding Hidden Toxicities explains how to interpret the results. Unfortunately, for mercury, it’s not simple enough to just look at the amount of mercury being excreted in your hair in order to confirm mercury poisoning. In the case of mercury toxicity, one has to look for deranged mineral transport which the book will explain how to check for.

You can order the proper hair test online here:

If you do end up confirming mercury toxicity it would probably be a good idea to join Cutler’s yahoo group, where other mercury toxic individuals are attempting detox via the Cutler protocol:

I should make it clear that I’m not an expert nor a doctor, so I would strongly encourage you to become as educated/knowledgeable about the subject as possible before making any treatment decisions. Of course, if you can find a doctor that is aware of both mercury toxicity and candida along with the treatments associated with both, that should be incredible useful for you.