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Theresa you gotta return some of these vitamins. Check out this post:

Keep the bitters and oregano oil. Keep the vitamin D3. Get a stronger probiotic; something that is 30-50 billion count in potency. This is essential.

I am unsure whether the digest spectrum is necessary; why did you get this?

The anti-oxidant is also maybe unnecessary…why did you get this?

I’d consider returning those two and getting some SF722 undeconoic acid. This is a very effective antifungal. You may not be able to get this at a store, so you will have to purchase online.

Thats all I can suggest for now. I’d consider consulting a naturopathic doctor about your test results and proper vitamins to take to heal you from candida. If you are going to spend money; this could help with the overlall costs in the long term.