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Hey guys it’s me again! I’m back after not being on here for a year. I’m still dealing with a few candida symptoms but in the long run I feel 80% better since getting the mercury out of my teeth. Mercury detoxification takes anywhere from 1-4 years. I have healed lots of symptoms and feel like I’ll be 100% well in another 6 months to a year.

Here is my progress.

“Tons of my symptoms are gone. I had the worst case of TMJ since my teen years… My clicking/snapping jaw completely healed a few months after my amalgams were out. I’m so thankful. My jaw would click and give me horrible neck and jaw pain 24/7. I know that mercury from amalgams loves to build up in the jaw and cause havoc. I could not open my mouth at all without it snapping, it made eating and kissing very difficult.

I felt crazy when my fillings were in. At one point I ended up in the psych ward, doctors thought I had some sort of mental disorder because I had mild hallucinations and crazy anger. Turns out it was my cracked mercury fillings leaking mercury into my brain that made me feel crazy. I got all my fillings out and now I feel 100% normal all the time.

I had heart pains, skipping heart beats, tight chest, and panic attacks since I was a teen. Getting the mercury out of my teeth cured these problems for good.

My depression cleared up a few weeks after my fillings were out never to return.

My chronic fatigue disappeared a few weeks after my amalgams were removed. I still get tired but only after a long walk or a long day at work. 

When I was in the hospital the nurses told me my blood pressure was sky high! I was really freaked out (this was before I knew I had mercury poisoning). My sister is a nurse and checked it a few months ago and it’s 100% normal now.

Feeling icy cold 24/7 has stopped. I literally used to feel like an ice cube… I would sit in front of the fireplace and couldn’t even feel the heat. My girlfriend says I’m always warm now. I’m her little heater.

My vision used to flicker, it was very strange. I would be sitting there and it looked like someone would flick the light off then back on very quickly. I would always ask people around me “did the light just flicker?” and they always said no. My vision no longer flickers.

I developed carpal tunnel one day and had to fully give up weight lifting. It literally felt like both of my arms were one big bruise. It was so painful! Since getting my fillings out my carpal tunnel  is now cured. I’m back to lifting weights again with no problems.

My horrible hand tremors are a thing of the past. I only had them for around 6 months before realizing they were caused by mercury leaking out of my fillings. The tremors stopped when the mercury exposure stopped.

My insomnia has completely cleared up. I was sleeping 1-3 hours every night for about one year. I had 10 amalgam fillings and a few of them were leaking. On the first dental appointment the dentist removed the leaking ones, within two weeks my sleeping problems were history.

I no longer go pee every 15 minutes. That was horrible!

Chronic pounding headaches have disappeared. 

My IBS has cleared up. I know it’s gross but I literally had diarrhea for a whole year before amalgam removal, it didn’t matter what I ate. I also started juicing tons of organic green vegetables… This may have helped cure my IBS.

After my amalgams were out I started dreaming again. I didn’t dream for a very long time, it must of been over a year. Very happy to have them back.

I’ve done lots of healing but still feel like I’m a few years away from being %100 well again. Mercury comes out of the body very slowly. I also had those mercury leaking fillings in since I was a kid.

These are the issues that I’m still dealing with:

*memory issues & brain fog
*tight and sore muscles 
*knots all over my body
*candida (thrush, dry eyes)
*prostate/pelvic pain
*mild social anxiety
*vision not as good in right eye
*sense of smell coming back but still not %100

I’ve done 6 months of HMD chelation and 33 rounds on Andy’s protocol. I only added ALA in on round 23. I know mercury causes permanent damage but I’m still hoping for a complete recovery.

When I found out I was mercury poisoned I started drinking 1-2 liters of fresh organic juice everyday. I feel like this was a big part of my recovery.
I juice everything including kale, spinach, bok choy, swiss chard, red chard, collard greens, parsley, cucumber, celery, lemon, lime, ginger, turmeric, carrots, apples, pears, eggplant, bell peppers, dandelion greens, fennel, broccoli, beets, cauliflower, and cabbage.”

I’ve also done lots of colon cleansing, liver cleansing, and a parasite cleanse (Humaworm).

I also added many super-foods into my diet.
*Tons of fruit and veggies
*Raw chia seeds
*Raw hemp seeds
*Raw cacao
*Milk thistle
*Dandelion roots (smoothies + tea)
*Norwegian kelp
*Spirulina algae
*Virgin coconut oil
*Yerba Mate tea
*Raw Maca roots
*Raw apricot seeds (cancer cure)
*Bee pollen

I also stopped drinking everything except water and tea.