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crow;59227 wrote: I would think because “this is a must read for everyone with candida” and because of his strong beliefs in the link with mercury poisoning (which I also believe as a rational engineer not an emotional reflex rabelais), that he would follow this thread intensely. I have also tried everything for my candida and therefore I would really like to know if the chelation cured him after several years or if he stopped. Anyway I am also replacing my amalgam fillings as a last resort (also I have tried everything to beat this terrible candida, whether it the yeast is there to annoy you or to save you from the heavy metals (mercury) ) . After this I will try chelation (wouldn’t hurt I believe), but I just want to see light at the end of this f…ing tunnel! And no rabelais candida is not something that is in your head, it is constant burdening and toxifying your body). The question is : is it a cause or is it a symptom and fighting symptoms that’s the only thing classical medicine is able to do even in 2014.

I definitely agree with you that as Candida sufferers it’s really nice to hear people come back to update their successes. After reading the FDA article Dvjorge posted, I too will remove my amalgams, though I am just at the beginning of my Candida journey, and I would like to know if chelation has been successful for people too. I think if anything, it became a “MUST READ” thread because he wanted to alert people that the Mercury connection existed, at least for him. Judging from his one year update, he did report improvement, but it would have been nice for him to come back to let us know if he improved even more or is cured since it’s been 2 years now. I just wanted you to know that his lack of response did not imply failure, just that his most recent posting activity was in 2013, suggesting he doesn’t come here anymore. Though maybe he will.

Here is another thread of a user who was in your similar position.–It-WAS-Mercury.aspx

Unfortunately she too hasn’t come back (and she stated it on her post). I have also some members here be apart of the Yahoo frequent dose chelation group, so maybe there will be more indepth mercury success stories there. I really hope you do find the light at the end of the tunnel and reach a cure. I hope we all do! Even though I have just begun, I’ve been struggling with the symptoms for over a year now, and the search for a doctor to believe is probably been the biggest obstacle so far. I’m reluctant to try such a restrictive diet long-term before I have confirmation.