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Vegan Catlady;55157 wrote:

I just need to note: almost everyone of my age, older and yonger has amalgam but not everyone of those has candida.

Some people excrete mercury easier than others. It’s genetically.
It’s no coincidence that those with lots of mutations in the methylation pathway are also often mercury poisoned.

Dr. Chris Shade (very) briefly covers the topic of the difference in individuals regarding their ability to excrete mercury in this lecture:

Check out the 4:50-6:15 mark. I would guess many here are in the “flat out-of-luck” group to which he refers. Good news though, even with poor genetics you can recover.

quick question about methylation-

If someone was exposed to a life-threatening dose of mercury by contamination as an infant, would you have to be born with a methylation issue, or could it have caused the methylation issue?
Well, I don’t think many are exposed to “life-threatening” doses. Life-altering would be a better way to put it.

Mercury and methylation issues go hand in hand. The more mercury you are exposed to, the greater the stress put on your methylation cycle. The weaker your methylation cycle is due to genetic mutations or other environmental stressors, the less able you are to excrete mercury.