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I’m not a kefir expert but have lots of experience with making it. The rationof kefir to milk should be 20 to 1. example 1 teaspoon kefir grains to 20 teaspoons of milk. I l ive in south florida and it’s a bit warmer here most of the time. My kefir will ferment is 12 hrs. I use regular milk. I have tries maing 2% and didn’t care for it. I think its a matter of taste. Your kefir should always be thicker and creamy after fermentation. Refrigeration of you kefir may increase the thickness but only slightly. The temperature where you are is important. I let mine set out on the counter. Some say to put in the cupboard. Experiment with your kefir. It’s a wonderful experience.
Coconut milk is a nice change. I like it . You make it the same way. It will be more creamier after fermentation. It takes longer to ferment almost 24 hrs. I use it in making salad dressings or add it to a smoothie.Culturesfor has lots of good info and videos to watch also. They don’t mind answering questions. The grains I got from them are good.
Make sure you have a cup about an hour in the morning before breakfast and at bedtime. These are supposed to be the best time to get the best nutrition from the kefir.
Hope this helps,