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Thomas wrote: Hi djorge,
while having such a strong diet, are you experiencing problems with over histamin production or reactive hyperglycaemia?

I wonder how these are hanging together. When I read about these and checked myself against the symptom list and read the reactions of my body I have the impression they all hang together.

Do you know something about this Jorge?


I probably have some food reaction but I have never worked to identify them. The best diet for food reaction ( I would like to follow it, but I can not because candida ) is a hypoallergenic diet. Malanga root, sweet potatoes, yams, etc
There was a time when I wrote almost everyday in the Ask Dr. Stoll bulletin board. Sadly, Dr. Walt passed away last year. Anyway, this was a holistic MD with tremendous knowledge about the gut, food allergies, candida, dysbiosis and everything linked. He told me that if the leaky gut repair with allergen avoidance for around 6 months, all the intolerance and allergies most of time disappear. He advices a whole hypoallergenic diet for several months.

Regarding to low blood sugar, it looks like my body has adapted to my food and I don’t feel symptoms now. It took a lot of time in my case. I had brain fog and blurred vision for over a year. Thanks god they disappeared. My symptoms are mostly intestinal now.