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Thanks Shay!
That’s interesting, did you have a psychical sensitivity to gluten before you went gluten free?
I didn’t, it only came up in my food allergy tests so I cut it out. It’s been 4 years since I cut gluten out of my healthy diet. What I mean by that is that I would have a meal containing gluten about once a month. (this is prior to starting the candida diet last May) I would never get any kind of reaction from the gluten meal. I, like you, have been on some form of restrictive diet for the last 4 years, I would like to think I was approaching it with total body awareness.

Cheating for 2 weeks during the holidays taught me so much about my body. I’m actually quite glad I did it. Here’s what I learned:
~If I eat sugar I will get raged! Yes, uncontrollable anger, and it will happen immediately or up to 12 hours later.
~It takes about 5 days of eating wheat and sugar for my fibromyalgia to return
~now when I eat wheat my stomach hurts
~If I eat wheat and gluten I might have to wake up to vomit in the night

I’m interested in this theory that my immune system may have a bigger reaction. Could that mean that it’s healing, since it can now recognize these problem foods and is sending me warnings by way of the symptoms?