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Hi raster,

Check out the Earth Clinic website — they have some interesting alternative therapies for candida and lots of other conditions. I spent a couple of days reviewing the site and getting ideas of what might work for me. My alkalyzing therapy came from there. It’s really simple: for about a month, I had 1/2 tsp baking soda with the juice of a lemon or ACV in a glass of water, twice a day. I forgot to mention it before, but during that time I also took chlorella tablets, spirulina powder and cilantro to help detox heavy metals. You can learn more about those on that site as well.

I don’t think alkalyzing therapy is for everyone. But for someone like me who drank at least three, and usually six or eight, diet sodas containing aspartame, I think my system was too acidic. And for anyone about to tell me that candida thrives in a basic environment, I wasn’t trying to make my system basic. Rather, I needed it to be LESS acidic. Maybe it was all coincidence, but I started to feel better almost immediately after I started the alkalyzing therapy. That was when the fatigue went away and the bloating became a much rarer occurrence. And then after a month I just felt like I didn’t need it anymore, so I stopped. Which kind of makes sense — my system was too acidic, I did the therapy to make it less acidic, and after I’d been doing it awhile my new diet kept my pH balance in check and I didn’t need it anymore.