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sunshine33 wrote: And now, three months after I started my treatment, I’m eating pretty normally and having no symptoms whatsoever.

I hate be the one to put a damper on the ‘extraordinary good news,’ Sun, but let’s be sure we have the details correct before a lot of members start feeling like it’s their fault if they can’t cure their infestation in just three months.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but according to my notes, when you first came on the forum on August 22, you told us you were on week five of the Candida diet, which means the date you started the treatment was around July 18.

As far as a Candida infestation is concerned, at the time I was sure that, if what you told us was correct, yours was a fairly mild yeast infection rather than a ‘full-blown’ Candida albicans infestation. This was because of your symptoms, which you told us were some stomach cramps and bloating but you added that these went away five days into the diet. You also said that you had a ‘heat rash’ which also took five days to clear up. And on the same day you stated, “I’ve been feeling mostly incredible.” That was the day you joined the forum, 11 weeks ago. You did tell us about another ‘itchy’ skin problem that you had experienced previously before joining the forum, but apparently this was already cleared up as well by August 22 when you joined.

Sorry for the details, but I’m only going over this so that the members understand that when you joined the forum you were in pretty good condition as far as a Candida infestation was concerned. I just don’t want them to be upset with themselves if they can’t do the same with their full-blown case of Candida albicans, leaky gut, allergies, severe indigestion problems, and God knows what else.

I want to commend you for sticking with the protocol without failure, this is exactly what has to be accomplished in order to cure a bad yeast problem or a Candida infestation either one. As I keep telling the members, a cure is definitely reachable. There are several on the forum (some no longer come around very often) who have managed to do just that.