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Hi Sunshine,

Thanks so much for posting this positive story. It will no doubt give many of us a boost… I’ve done my cleanse and about 2 weeks of stage 1 so your timing was perfect to spur me on! My plan is to hit this thing hard… do everything I can to get it under control and then to maintain that for the long term. I fully plan to enjoy a wide selection of “normal” foods into the future with the odd glass of wine… when I say “normal” I haven’t eaten breads, cakes, most carbs, most sugars for years anyway so won’t miss them. But I love cooking, eating out (I live in the “Gourmet Capital of Ireland” so am spoilt for choice with 20 fantastic seafood restaurants on my doorstep!) and a few drinks.

Your post gives me the strength to continue towards that aim.

Thanks again,