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Wow, Able — are you trying to take away hope for everyone on this forum?

I’ve had ringworm off and on since 2002. For six years straight I had a circle on my arms that never went away. I tried every topical cure I could come across, but nothing worked for six years.

I’ve always been extremely active, but in June I became exhausted, barely able to function. Before candida, I was the kind of person who rollerbladed 30 miles after work and then came home and helped my neighbor move. In mid-June, I couldn’t even stand up in the sun for five minutes without becoming tired and nauseous. I’d get home from work at 6, be in bed by 6:30, and sleep until my alarm went off at 7:30 the next day.

I developed what appeared to be heat rash, which I only ever had once in my life — when I was pregnant. This “heat rash” stayed for 4 1/2 weeks and only disappeared with a hefty course of antifungals and following a variation of the anti-candida diet. That’s either a yeast infection or an allergy, both of which are caused by the candida.

My stomach cramps and bloating were excruciating, and they continued after I started my treatment. If you recall, they resurfaced weeks later, and at that point were pretty much a constant every day for two weeks and then off and on until my third month. And these were not normal “cramps” — my stomach was so distended I looked 5 months pregnant, and I’d wake up the next day with the sides of my stomach aching from being so stretched out.

I don’t mean to be defensive, but I’m not trying to make others feel bad that they aren’t cured in three months. I don’t think anyone reading my original post would have had that takeaway. Instead, I’m trying to give them hope that it can happen.

And in addition, I’m trying to make them question what they read on this forum. There is one “voice of authority” here — you — and your case is unique to you, as is mine to me. We all came to this condition from different places, and it disappoints and offends me that you have pointed out my so-called wrongdoings and tried to make my condition seem like a minor yeast infection — and tried to force your opinions on the other members of this forum, belittling and patronizing them for trying something new or undertaking the therapy that was prescribed to them by a trained holistic medicine practitioner. You have a lot of knowledge about candida, and it’s wonderful that you take the time to share that with others. But please allow for a difference of opinion and a difference in how our bodies work to heal from this insidious infection.