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dvjorge;38334 wrote: I am more than glad to help anybody, but I don’t understand well what this gentleman explains. I also don’t know what is the Gerson Therapy. I guess it is a kind of fasting and juicing.

It looks like he became constipated or adapted to the enemas to have a BM, he should take a laxative and eat fiber. I have done many enemas and have not experienced constipation of any type, but I have not been juicing or fasting. Magnesium tablets and Vitamin C to bowel tolerance may help him.

Constipated people should be careful if the want to do enemas, imo.

He wasn’t constipated when he started the enemas.

He’s on the Candida diet now and is eating plenty of fiber-filled vegetables, plus I’ve already told him to add a fiber supplement to his regimen. I’m fairly certain that, at this point, laxatives would be just as addictive as the enemas have been for him, although I’ve suggested using one if all else fails. During any enema there’s the possibility of the lower part of the colon ballooning out and causing permanent damage by causing the colon it to lose its elasticity. I’m hoping this isn’t Andy’s problem. Thanks.

Friends, be careful with enemas if you’ve chosen to go this route. As you see, it’s possible for enemas to cause chronic constipation if used
on an ongoing basis. In addition, people can and have become psychologically dependent to enemas.