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OK… so I looked for Black Seed and have only been able to find the seed itself rather than the oil, which seems to be recommended. I bought it because it was cheap but now I don’t know what to do with it! Have googled it, but I’m just getting the recommendations for taking the oil, not the seed itself?

It’s Murphys Law… the minute I post looking for help, I find something online myself! Think I’ll put the raw seeds in Kefir as I can’t use milk? Or I might boil them.

Here goes (wish I had it for labour pains?!!)…

For colic: Boil anise, cumin, and peppermint in equal quantities. Add some crystalline sugar or honey. Add 7 drops of black seed oil and drink while hot.
For colds: Grind black seed and wrap it in a cloth to snuff.
For stomach pain: Swallow seeds without cooking.
For toothaches, tonsil, and larynx pain: Boil black seed and use as a gargle. Also, swallow a spoonful of black seed with warm water on an empty stomach every day. Rub the larynx with black seed oil.
For relief from coughs and to strengthen the body: Mix ground black seed with honey and take a spoonful every morning. Alternatively, take three times a day.
To treat diseases: Grind black seed and swallow it with water or milk.
To treat rheumatism and pain in the joints: Add black seed to olive oil and fennel. (Apply externally)
For general fatigue: Use honey and black seed.
During labor: Drink milk with a tablespoon of ground black seeds.