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Katy Gillett
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Thanks again Able.

I’ll try taking 2 drops of the molybdenum them. GERD certainly makes sense as I have been diagnosed with it in the past but haven’t had the usual symptoms recently. I did have a feeling that your advice would head in the direction of the Grape Bitters for this :). I’m learning! I ordered it as soon as I got back but unfortunately it has still not arrived. As soon as I get it though I will be taking it after every meal.

I am trying to do as much exercise as possible.. this tends to be half an hour every day if I can manage it.. but some days I’ll take a day off or just do something light like yoga. I don’t allow myself to give into the tiredness much as if I do I end up feeling worse. Unfortunately even though I exercise everyday my muscles don’t seem to be able to get used to it and I’m often sore… but I know sore muscles can be to do with candida and even cfs so I guess that makes sense too!

Actually I have started to eat eggs, fish and poultry quite regularly since being on the candida diet. Eggs I use a lot of in the breads and recently ‘muffins’ I make and occasionally I’ll have 2 scrambled for breakfast. Fish I try to have just 2 meals a week of and I eat chicken quite often for dinner or in my salad for lunch. Though I do try to have 2 veggie days a week, which will include a meal of green or brown lentils. Also Greek yoghurt I have a few times a day but no other milk products. I don’t eat red meat though – would this be beneficial?

I’m going to look into tests for vitamin deficiencies.. I could probably find a nutritionist/naturopath around that does this so thanks for the tip. Getting some concrete answers rather than playing my own guessing games would be a lot better I’m sure! I was told I had a b12 and folic acid deficiency a while back so I took pills for a while. Now I just take folic acid as I can’t find a B complex that doesn’t have wildly differing percentages in.. or sweeteners. Seriously now – what is the point in putting the sweeteners in those vitamins!? No one tastes them!!

As this is the case – should I take them all individually perhaps or just carry on trying to absorb them naturally?