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Okay – so now I’m curious beyond all belief! ***TMI WARNING*** – girls you’ll understand this – today I also had a big white chunk the size of a bouncy ball come out of me!!!????? What the? So…the nattokinase is definatley powerful and up to something. It is suppose to be a great biofilm buster….BUT…on doing research into Nattokinase the supplement – there are horror stories and cardiologists begging people to not take it. Not only does is dissolve bad blood clots, it also disolves helpful and lifesaving clots as well. I will need to do more research to see if the smelly food natto is safer. I want so badly to keep going with the nattokinase pills, but I’ve had so darn much going on with my health I just don’t dare. If anyone else is more brave……..

Thanks Able for your take. I still might try Dr. Ayers treatment idea and report back on that. I don’t think I’ll be able to find any natto in this little town. If anyone is willing to mail me some! ha..ha…PM me.