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Thanks Able for the advice and for the “commendation”!!

I’m actually feeling great the last few days… both mentally & physically. No symptoms whatsoever. But then again, most physical symptoms were under control before I started (on 25th Oct) because I’d eliminated all “obvious” yeasts, all carbs (except small portions of basmati rice and a couple rye crackers), all sugars (even fruit) because each of these was having an immediate effect causing bloating, spasms, cramps, constipation for days. The fruit/ sugar would cause an immediate high and then a woozy low with me wanting to wretch and feeling lightheaded… so I just stopped eating all of those things a couple of years back.

My psoriasis, which used to be at about 70% coverage a few years ago was under control when I started treatment but still in patches on my thighs, elbows & knees… and that is completely clear now! My hand flared up on Saturday after trying grapefruit so that’s now firmly on the “off” list!

But the biggest change has been emotionally – I had got to the stage (about a month ago) that I cried myself to sleep most nights, was like a wound up spring all day, felt out of control, overwhelmed, tearful, exhausted… and even once felt like picking up the baby and just leaving (and I was only bringing him because he was still on the breast!!!) and I’m in an extremely happy relationship with happy if energetic kids!

Yesterday I woke naturally at 6am after a full clear nights sleep and got up an hour before the kids to check my emails (and this forum!), bake some buckwheat bread and generally get ahead of myself in an extremely positive frame of mind! Today I started the Christmas shopping and am happy and full of beans (metaphorically speaking… slap on the wrist for touching beans on stage 1!!).

The big test will be my menstrual cycle… it was at the stage of being considered Menorraghia (I was looking into long tern surgical solutions) with chronic PMT. That little treat is looming next week so it will be interesting to see if there’s a difference this quickly. I presume it will take a number of months to settle.

So to answer your question YES I am seeing a difference in my symptoms! And it’s in no small part down to you and this forum in general. So a huge thank you! But i’m also a very strong willed and stubborn individual and once I got that yeast in my sights there was no chance of survival!! I have followed everything to the letter of the law (your law!) and I think the sauna’s/ baths have hugely helped the process.