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yogajedi;42451 wrote: My initial question is not “which supplements are beneficial to the treatment”, as I know you cover this in-depth, but specifically “Are there any other vitamins or minerals that we are not getting enough of from this die.”

raster;42465 wrote: Biotin is one example of something you likely won’t consume in your diet

Which is why Biotin is part of the protocol.

Quoted from the Vitamins and Supplements section of the protocol:

“Biotin: Take 1000 mcg a day for four days, then 1000 mcg a day morning and evening after meals. You can start reducing the amount if the die-off becomes very strong, or once your Candida symptoms begin to lessen.
Normally, in addition to being in some of the food we eat, biotin is formed by beneficial bacteria in the system. But Candida sufferers are habitually deficient in beneficial bacteria (otherwise it’s doubtful that they would have contracted Candida). In studies, the majority of Candida sufferers who are tested show a deficiency of Biotin.

yogajedi;42390 wrote: Able- you pointed out the importance of taking a Vitamin C supplement, in part because this diet does not include fruit.

yogajedi;42390 wrote: Sorry Able, this quote was actually from Raster, from the original post.

And you repeated it stating that I pointed it out, not Raster, which is why I replied to you, and not Raster.

I have read the “vitamins and supplements” section multiple times, and I have read all of the 32 articles linked to from the diet. I understand that you list many vitamins, minerals, and supplements both in the protocol, and elaborate on them n the vitamin & mineral post. My question was asked not because I haven’t read the information you sent me, but because I have read it, and am seeking clarification.

And yet your question was simply, “Are there any other vitamins or minerals that we are not getting enough of from this diet that we should add in supplement form?”
So now that you’ve clarified the question, my answer is; yes, they’re on the vitamin & supplement section of the protocol (which you’ve read multiple times I believe).
Any supplements left unmentioned in the protocol may not be needed by everyone but only on a case by case basis; which is why some of the experts try to keep in very close contact with the members as they advance through the protocol.

No doubt by now this thread has grown terribly boring, my apologies to anyone reading, especially the newer member. We’ll try very hard to do better.