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Doddy46;42350 wrote: I really believe it is important to chyme in here.

I’m sorry, but I also believe it’s important to chime in here again for the sake of the many members who write to me every week asking me to please help them to decide “which” supplements absolutely must be taken because they simply can’t afford to take them all. Some people really do have problems purchasing all of the supplements, let alone purchasing the most expensive supplements available if it isn’t necessary.

I took the ascorbic acid form of vitamin C throughout my own Candida infestation and, with its use, I’ve reestablished my immune system to the point where I haven’t had a Candida symptom, a cold, virus, or the flu in over two years; and by the way, I’m still taking asorbic acid vitamin C today. So please don’t tell me to stop taking synthetic vitamin C.

In many cases synthetic vitamins won’t work as well as the real thing; vitamins A, D and E are examples, but under normal circumstances, a synthetic vitamin C will do the job expected. To anyone purchasing vitamin C, I’ll say the same thing I do about all supplements:
Read the list of ingredients.

There are certain circumstances which would warrant purchasing a more expensive form of vitamin C. Those are:

1) If you have digestive or stomach problems you’ll probably want to purchase a buffered form of vitamin C which is going to be more expensive, so expect this when you go shopping for it.

2) If you know that you’re suffering from severe adrenal fatigue then you should try to find a vitamin C supplement which contains bioflavonoid. The ratio should be 1 mg of bioflavonoid for every 2 mg of vitamin C. But all of that has already been covered in another post.
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