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Vegan Catlady
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Tdog333;56432 wrote: It’s important to stay out of ketosis. The low carb might work for a month or two, but after that it will just hurt you.

Yeast and fungi are eukaryotes that have mitochondria which can rapidly absorb ketones once they adapt to ketones as a primary fuel source. The adaptation is very slow and can take months. Once they do adapt the high fat low carb diet will provide lots of fuel for the mitochondria within the Candida.

Additionally, you need fermentable carbohydrates to keep high levels of gut flora and to keep mucin production up, which is crucial for the gut barrier and immune system.

My own experiences support this,could not agree more.
What I worry about is coconut oil and its ketogenic quality. I wanted to feed it to my grandmother (94) but she cant have ketones because it was told to me that it would damage her kidneys further (she is diabetic).
I have researched this but for some reason could not find info relating higher-carb diets with foods like coconut oil. I mean, consuming a ketones in oil isnt the same as being in ketosis,right? But it acidifies the body?

I ask because when I research and the info isnt readily-available to me, I assume I am asking the wrong questions.