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Quote: “and understood the immune system is more responsible than anything”

Thank you, Jorge, I completely agree. And the intestinal flora is one very important factor in the function of the immune system, but it would be showing ignorance to ignore all the other parts of the immune system during the treatment.

Quote: There are many people who have never taken anything to disrupt the flora who develop a fungal overgrowth.

A Candida albicans fungal overgrowth? Sorry, but I cannot see how you can possibly be so certain about this ‘fact’ you’ve stated unless you have taken a step by step detailed history of the lives of those who claim this. That means going back 10, 20, even 30 or more years in their lives and taking a full history of their eating habits during that time.
Often times the environment is set and primed many, many years before a full Candida infestation has taken hold of the body, and all it takes is a few careless weeks of the wrong foods or a small round of antibiotics to set it off, but in my opinion, experience, research, and speaking with many other sufferers, the flora will always be weak at the moment that the infestation is fully set into motion.