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Thomas wrote: hi Jorge!
I am guessing your case is overgrowth and no hypersensitivity ??

I really cant say. I never got a diagnose about it and the only thing I know is what kind of symptoms are messing me up. And all the different ways for me to battle that thing.

Teach me please the difference between the both and maybe I will know than what I have.


Some people develop an allergy to yeast antigens and the yeast itself. Those people don’t tolerate the amount of yeast “normal” people have. It means they are hypersensitive to the yeast and the toxic wastes. Many times, this syndrome begin with an overgrowth, and this overgrowth triggers a hyperactive immune response against the yeast. In this case, the overgrowth is responsible for becoming you sensitive to the presence of yeast because you are able to eradicate it, but your immune system never stop reacting to the yeast. It means you don’t have overgrowth,but your body don’t tolerate the presence of yeast. It is an allergy to the organism and its toxic wastes.
This is very common , and need to be treated with LDA and desensitization treatments.