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dvjorge wrote:

I got a bit interested about the subject after reading Jorges hypotheses that our immune-system is actually the one keeping Candida in control in a healthy individual.
I too can think that he is right about that a lot of toxins weaken the immune system and candida can grow without control.

Now my question. Is the immune system really attacking and controlling a fungus. Is the immune system only stepping in when candida goes into the blood stream?

About me. I know that I have herpes which comes up on the mounth when my immune system is low gear. Usually when I have a flu or something. My mouth is full with amalgam, candida is beating the crap out of me with all its toxins. My immune system should be freaking out right now and as a sign I should have constant trouble with my herpes.

The truth is that since one year where I suffer like a dog with my sympthoms, I havent had a cold, a flu, a herpes attack nothing, only the trouble I have told you several times about.

How is your immune systems are working?
Any thoughts to the subject?
Wow Thomas,
Don’t give me that brilliant merit. It isn’t Jorge’s hypotheses, but the work of the man who discovered this syndrome and dedicated all his life to bring it to the light of the medical community. Dr. Orion Truss, MD. A genius in my opinion. Nobody understood Candida Related Complex better than him. Unfortunately, he already passed away. With him, many other Drs who are pioneers treating this syndrome agree this is an immunologic problem. I have read 16 books written by MDs about this syndrome, some microbiology books too.
Don’t hesitate one second about thinking there is another reason but immune tolerance to the fungus.
If you want to learn, let me know. There are more than 250 materials about candidiasis saved in my computer. If I give you some, please, read them carefully, and you will have the chance to learn what you need to know to face this problem.

thank you mate. I respect your knowledge and it is very much enough for me to learn from you especially when I feel so bad as I do now. I simply don’t have the stamina to read all the material and than it is not sure if I will understand them. I am not deeply educated to understand biochemicals and the functioning of the body. Would you please to kind and answer my personal question.

I hope you have not misunderstood me. I am not the arguing guy. I am the learning guy, question guy and sharing. So, please dont feel that I need from you any proof.
What have you learned from Dr. Orions about the subject and why am I not sick with flue and herpes all the time now. In fact I never felt better than now concerning normal ills. Thats said I dont feel att all great with the other sympthoms.

thank you