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blueocean;53029 wrote: I have cbs hetero mutations and I cannot take sulfur based anti-biotics without breaking out in a bright red sunburn rash all over my body – hence I’m allergic.

However, I was recently reading here and they were saying that the CBS gene isn’t responsible for sulfur issues – what is your take on this Impossible?

An allergy is different than an intolerance.

It seems like valentijn will read a study that goes against the grain and hang on it. Studies wont all correlate, thats common, especially on subjects as “murky”, complicated, and convoluted as this particular subject is. From what i’ve seen and according to the couple of specialists i’ve talked to, and all the material i’ve read, the majority of people with 699 mutations benefit from a sulfur free diet and moly & yucca while the majority of people that are cbs mutation free do not. There are many other variables that can influence the outcome, including expression of the gene itself. The jury is still out on the 360.

I personally have no 699 mut’s and am homozygous 360 and will test around 800 if I eat alot of sulfur foods (with some brain fog) and 200 if I dont.