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ThomasJoel2;52996 wrote: Very good thread idea! As someone who has CBS mutations I can attest to the dramatic positive health impact that can happen when you cut out sulfur foods (if you have a CBS mutation).

I think one of the big things to realize is the fact that so many of the foods promoted by candida diets are also very high sulfur. Antifungals like brussels sprouts, garlic, and onion are all high sulfur. Other foods common to candida diets like eggs, kale, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, and buckwheat are also high sulfur. If you have extensive negative reactions to these foods it may be because of the high sulfur content and not because of their antifungal properties.

Interesting, I don’t know my results as I haven’t been tested yet, but I know that I don’t tolerate brussel sprouts or cauliflower at all. I did cut out eggs to every once in awhile (eat occasionally), or just eat the whites, even cut it out of the breads I made. I kept trying to go back to buckwheat, but it makes me feel bad and bloated. Actually, I tolerate quinoa, and then I love millet. Maybe I can get away with some broccoli, and kale is sort of that iffy one.

I always seem to stick to zucchini, cucumbers, radishes, celery, lettuce, haven’t had spinach again in awhile – not sure yet, and I know it’s not on the diet (I don’t think), but I can do spaghetti squash here and there if feeling okay – makes a good substitute for pasta.

I have put small amounts of garlic or onion in my recipes, like soup just for some flavoring, but yes, I can’t overdo those! Otherwise, just putting onion or garlic powder is just fine. One time, I overdid onions in a salad I made, I think I had the worst reaction ever!!!!! Die-off, or something! I’ll never do that again!!!!