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Not to sound like a broken record around here or think that everything is attributed to this but I just thought I’d mention it just in case there’s even a small chance it could help you.

If you found that your candida and acid reflux/stomach ulcer started at roughly the same time, you should rule out black mold poisoning.

have you moved recently, had a leak in your home etc?

Black mold poisoning causes acid reflux and absolutely annihilates beneficial bacteria in your system thereby causing the candida issue as well.

When I was poisoning by black mold back in April. I felt like I was getting heartburn/acid reflux from anything. Even a glass of water. I was taking bottles of tums etc. The acid reflux didn’t go away until I got out of that environment. Now it’s just a matter of fixing the remaining problems.

That may not be your issue but it’s worth looking into. Mold toxicity is on the top ten list of candida causing ailments.