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Candida might be a factor in most anything. I think looking back I have been dealing with it my entire life! Anyway, I developed an ulcer after losing my job (stress!), being vegetarian for 6 months and vegan for 2 months and taking HCL supplements and strong a Cayenne tincture I don’t think I needed.

Hope some of these ideas bless you.

Ulcer Supplements I think helped me then:
(keep in mind I was not considering candida care at that time)

-Mucosa Max Synergistics Essence of Life
-Standard Process A-F Betafood
-Planetary Herbals Digestive Grape Bitters
• -DGL
-Glutamine powder (I took Wellness Resources brand GI& Muscle Helper)
– GI Soother (Wellness Resources Link to product)
-Digestin a digestive enzyme from Progressive Labs
(did not take because I did not want to take HCL again!)
-Broad Spectrum Probiotic (I took Garden of Life Primal Defense)
I want to take VSL again ?
-MSM Complex (I took Wellness Resources brand)
-Aloe/200X 500 mg capsules (I switched to Aloe King Aloe Vera Juice
-Mastica 500 Mg ( I took Allergy Research Group Brand)
– I I have also just added a daily gruel of Slippery Elm Powder mixed with
BioActive 10+ Manuka Honey Nelson Honey from New Zealand
Genesis Today brand of Juices
Seabuckthorn (for skin and gums) and Noni for Pain