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It it not a forever thing. My body needs to heal and it is. I am making myself a priority. Candida is a medical condition that is under estimated.

So in a few days it will be a month since I have made a HUGE transformation (I was a sugar addict because that is what the over growth of yeast does– it makes you crave more and more) It is a physical and mental issue for me. Probably emotional too. Which I was very apathetic before. Now I am feeling and sugar/food is not something I look forward to. “Treats” were never that at all. It was what was feeding my issues. Now “treats” have become ways of treating myself right and doing what I need to heal. Keep reading to find how I have been rewarded.

These are the things that have improved for me in 30 days. I hope this does give people hope. Because it is working for me. I lost ten pounds. I am no longer bloated or have excess gas. When I have had gas I do an enema –one every two days (this is a HUGE part of my success- they CAN NOT be under estimated) Headaches are gone! (apart from the mild die off that I had the first 10 days) My mind feels CLEAR!!!! I don’t have the ADHD like symptoms I was very much displaying before. ( I was diagnosed by a therapist but I knew all along it was my garbage diet and the yeast overgrowth. I was never adhd as a kid. Moodiness and Irritability gone. Dandruff gone! I actually feel happier, the depression and fog have lifted. I am calm and I can focus and plan ahead. I wish that I could insert my partner and best friend’s observations in here so you could know how much things have changed. My energy is not so fractured and churning. I am calmer and more patient. I no longer feel like throwing myself in the trash in the morning, I wake up feeling rested and not wanting to crawl back in bed. Weirdo, assorted and random body pains– Gone, gone, gone. I am still struggling with tinea versicolor and mild yeast/white discharge here and there. This will take time I know. The whole process will. The key is when you are starting to feel good not to run back to the same diet. In time I will reintroduce foods. If giving up fruit and deserts and making these modifications so I can feel like I do know, I will keep it up. It is worth it all. I find I don’t even want the crap food now! Sugar cravings gone! I have MORE energy! I don’t eat a lot and I find I am not as hungry as before. I eat 2-3 green veggies a day- salad or stirfry, 2 servings of the safe grains, one serving of meat. That is pretty much it. Maybe a snack of almonds. I stick very close to the anti candida diet.

I have stuck with several antifungals (caprilic acid, coconut oil, candex, garlic, turmeric, oregano oil, olive leaf, pau d arco tea and powder, herbal teas for live support) I take digestive enzymes before every meal and probiotics in the morning. I have maintained proper food combining and have cheated very little– maybe a bite of dark choc. here and there. I am eating more veggies and not over eating hardly at all. Smaller, frequent meals. I exercise moderately.

I know there is so much I am leaving out but I have to write this because I want to help people now. It has plagued me for too long and I am so glad I am finally making the changes. I research continually to keep gaining information everyday but I only do a little at a time so I don’t become overwhelmed.

Some things I need to add and I know it. Working less, doing the sauna 4-5 days a week, drinking more water, more herbal tea (nettle etc.), meditating and eating more, more yoga, less mental stress, way more cultured veggies.

I hope this helps. Thanks for reading.