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Hello Carrie,

The food list was developed by me and Able from personal experiences while on the diet; these food items are typically very safe for most people and contain only safe ingredients that candida cannot feed on easily.

I would cut out the nuts and seeds and save for phase 2 of the diet (if at all). Roasting or soaking them can reduce or elminate molds found on them (they are a dried food item).

The almond and sunflower butter could be problematic depending on where you are at in your treatment. If you have leaky gut (food allergies) you won’t be able to handle the almond butter at first. However, if you don’t…it shouldn’t be problematic. The only almond butter you should eat should be FRESH almond butter…made that day (it goes bad after a week). My local store has a “nut butter” machine where you press a button and it makes almond butter for you right then and there. You can also make it at home where you soak and roast them beforehand and this will be even better than the market.

Your supplements sound OK to me and I would consider others when you are ready. We can give you all sorts of suggestions but you have a good list chosen. When done with the goldenseal I would stop that one because it was mostly ineffective for me.