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Dear Able,

“However, that being said, I still believe you’re experiencing heavy die-off symptoms simply because of what you’ve been doing leading up to this. I very seriously doubt that you’ve done anything at all that would cause the Candida to be worse. Let’s see how you feel after a few days off of the antifungals”.

“I would, however, continue to take some probiotics. I’m sorry, but I don’t remember if you’ve mentioned the count of probiotics you’re taking. If you’re taking more than one dose, you could cut it in half for this time period. The probiotics should help instead of bother your stomach”.

I am taking 12 million, I will take one a day for now.

“You mentioned long PMS difficulties; that makes sense actually. Candida can secrete additional estrogens in your body which would cause or contribute to estrogen overload, which in turn can cause increased and worse PMS symptoms”.

Oh my what a relief to have read this, it makes so much sense that that happens. However I did not for one moment think about my estrogen levels and the effect that die off could have on my estrogen. I suppose both candida and die off can effect pms troubles. My biggest problems before my diet were terrible pms so I guess during the healing/die off thats what I am to expect.

“I hope you have time tomorrow to let me know how you are. Speaking of tomorrow, from around 11 am and for the remainder of the day I’ll be away from the office (if I’m not mistaken, I believe that’s about 5 pm your time)”.

Yes I believe that we are 6 hours ahead of you, which means right now you are sleeping :). Its 8.51am here. Yes i am feeling much better, i am also hungry. Regime for today psyllium husk powder so that the toxins have something to hold on to. Another warm bath as hot as possible so that I perspire. A liver flush with pure ginger tea and a dash of lemon. Some goat yogurt, unfortunately I have no coconut bread. Have no idea what I am going to eat during the day.

Thats all for now, Able

Thank you