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Hello, Diane. Wow, it’s very good to hear from you.

I assumed you were on the holiday which you had spoken of. Glad to see you’re enjoying Italy, and it sounds beautiful.

I also hope the meal didn’t set you back, hopefully the reactions were only a temporary and all will go back to normal as soon as you continue with your regular schedule.

About the oil of oregano no longer working; if you’re still taking the same amount as before you may need to increase the dosage. Many people take as much as five drops in a capsule twice a day and sometimes up to fifteen drops a day. Also try to eat as many fiber rich vegetables as possible. During a Candida treatment, this is very important to proper elimination.

Don’t know if I’ve mentioned it or not, but some herbs also help with this, they’re liquorices, dandelion, ginger, and yellow dock. You can also make a tea with some of the herbs and drink several cups a day.

Oils are also essential to proper elimination, so be sure you’re getting enough oil during each day.

I’m sorry, Diane, but I can’t remember which probiotic you’re on, and this can also help with elimination.

Are you taking calcium yet? If you are you will want to purchase some magnesium to go with – it if the calcium supplement doesn’t already contain it. The magnesium will help to prevent constipation.

Keep us posted when you can as to how you’re doing, and have fun.