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Hey Able or should I call you Sean,

I like your name even though you are not called Michael 🙂

Well you may not claim to be a guardian angel but you certainly are one to me 🙂

So yes, today it was really a good day, I got my energy back and my abdomen did not hurt at least not like it did yesterday.

Yes avocados are imported to the Netherlands and I happened to have one handy so I had a delicious salad with avocado, rucola from my own garden, garlic, olive oil and lemon, hmmmmmmmm delicious!! Music to my taste buds hehe!!

I took a look at the vitalchoice site and it certainly looks appealing. The organic store I buy from also has tins of fish caught sustainably or something like that. However I am not quite sure of the quality of the fish

I also managed to bake some coconut bread today and had two slices of butter with ghee also very tasty. So far so good.

Today I received all the vitamin supplements from iHerb i.e Viamin A, D, the calcium + zinc+ magnesium and the betaine HCI.

So I was wondering when should I actually start to take all these supplements? Right away or should I first be eating more than right now??

Thanks once again

Have a good evening

Warm regards