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Diane wrote: I am a little concerned that I am not feeling any die off i.e I am not getting any of the likely symptoms, dizziness, nausea etc etc. Now I am not saying that I enjoy feeling that stuff but it just reassures me that my friends are dying.
Are they dying even though I am feeling relatively good? Or could it be that when I had that huge die off some two weeks ago, that that helped towards eliminInating alot? Or could it be that the set back I had on a couple of occasions would have halted the process?

You’re still on your holiday, aren’t you? If so, I want you to stop worrying about die-off symptoms until the holiday is over, at least that’s what I would do. There’s plenty of time to experience die-off afterwards. You see me laughing, right?

To answer your question, yes, the Candida can be dyeing even though you’re experiencing no die-off symptoms. Severe die-off is the result of an over-production of toxins from loads of Candida being killed all at one time. I think it’s a lot better on your body if you can manage to do what you’re doing and avoid heavy die-off symptoms. Another thing is, as you mentioned, you had a big experience of die-off just a while back, and this took a lot of Candida out of your system no doubt, so hopefully from here on you can complete the treatment with, at the very most, very mild die-off symptoms.

As far as a “set back” you had on a few occasions causing a halt in the process is concerned; slip-ups can cause the Candida to increase, but it won’t keep the antifungals, probiotic, and diet from destroying Candida.

By the way, I don’t remember you ever really described the extent of that particular die-off experience as far as symptoms go.

Now stop thinking about Candida and go do something eccitare (hope I spelled that right).