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Hi, Diane. Way to go on your first day of Stage One.

About the baking powder: “… my only concern is that the baking powder is a powder that is scraped of wine making vats. Its called wijnsteen zuur poeder…”

I don’t know if you’ll be able to find a baking powder with ingredients that perfectly match what we are allowed on stage one. My main concern was to stay away from any brands that contained aluminum. So I purchased the Rumford brand “Aluminum-Free” baking powder and didn’t worry too much about the small amount of corn starch that’s listed as an ingredient. I’ve eaten tons of this bread since I started making it, and during that time I’ve cured my Candida outbreak, so apparently nothing in the baking powder had a negative effect on me. We use such a small amount considering how many ingredients are in the remainder of the recipe, that I have some doubts that the few negative aspects will make much of a difference overall. But in cases like this, all we can do is to test and wait.

Your quote: “I looked up Ultimate Flora Critical Colon Bifido Max by Renew Life and even though it needs to be refrigerated, there are no comments about this one. So I thought of just ordering it however I am not sure if it too will lose benefits during transit. What do you think?”

I’m not sure about the stability of shipping a refrigerated product. How far would the shipment have to travel to reach you? I think I would first call around to all of the pharmacies and health or vitamin stores in your area and ask them what is the highest grade of probiotics (strains and count) they have. Let me know what you find, it’s possible that even if it’s a smaller dose, you could double or even triple the dose in order to receive the amount you will eventually need. Remember to ask about the number of strains that they contain.

The other thing is, thinking about where you are with your treatment, it may be smarter to start out with a lower count of bacteria. The one I take is 80 billion, and I take two pills a day. However, this is not the one I started with; I started with a much lower dosage and worked my way up.

Meanwhile, I found the Renew Life product in the UK. Do you have a problem with ordering from the UK? You might try contacting them to ask about shipping the product to you in the Netherlands.

I’m sorry, Diane, but I couldn’t get any of the multi-vitamin links that you sent to open for me.

I’ll do some research on the multi-vitamins this afternoon when I get a chance.

Keep ‘wellness’ on your mind.