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Good day to you, Diane.

It was interesting to read that you feel that your move from Malta to the Netherlands caused the Candida to grow worse and of course very possibly true.

Diane, it sounds as though you’re probably experiencing some of the die-off symptoms. So sorry you’re still having the abdominal pains. But you’re correct; you will continue to have some of the Candida symptoms because you still have the infestation in your body. That, coupled with the die-off is double trouble, of course. Have you been able to find the Molybdenum or Candidate yet?

iHerb carries the Molybdenum.…-100-Tablets/15298?at=0 (Native Remedies) makes and sells the Candidate, but Amazon also carries it, and the price is actually a bit cheaper.…d=1310136260&sr=1-1

I don’t think you’ve mentioned taking oil of oregano, but this helps with even acute constipation, plus, it’s an extremely strong antifungal.…fl-oz-13-5-ml/7704?at=0

I’ve never used it, but according the research I’ve found, something called MSM is suppose to be very good at reducing the symptoms of die-off, and iHerb carries this.…MSM-Powder-250-g/5?at=0

iHerb had a different choice of calcium which I would take, plus it’s a bit cheaper. Be sure to take the calcium with a meal to increase absorption.…d-250-Tablets/1625?at=0

Betain HCI is correct. iHerb carries it.…g-120-Capsules/398?at=0

You asked about the difference in Units and mgs. They’re really just different ways that supplements are measured, but basically, a Unit or International Unit, usually shown as IU on a label, is the measurement of the degree of activity that a particular substance shows in the human body, and the amount is determined by a group of researchers chosen by the World Health Organization. On the other hand, mgs, or milligrams are a measure of weight. There are 1,000 mgs in a gram, so the amount of vitamin C that I suggested would be 2 or 3 grams.

Vitamin A:…100-Softgels/11689?at=0

Vitamin D:…200-Softgels/18038?at=0

** As always, before you take a new supplement be sure you’re aware of any effect it may have on prescription drugs. Be sure to read this information before taking the calcium.…-shell-calcium-500.html