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Hey Able,

Thanks for the info re saccharomyces, there are loads of things I still have to learn and even though I research, things still need to be explained.

Before I asked about the kefir, i wrote another post, I wonder if you read it 🙂

Well my weekend got better as did the indigestion although it reminds me that its still there by just giving a sudden nudge or spasm! I suppose the candida did re populate whilst I have been here and that is rather disappointing but I guess also inevitable! Its not all back, nowhere near that but some old symptoms reappeared, I am hoping that I will get it under control when I get home!

We leave tomorrow will be in the Netherlands on Wednesday!

Able, I am having some difficulties which are too private to be discussed on this forum, I ve been trying to write to you privately but somehow I always get an error, could you try emailing me via this forum and then we will see what happens?

Thanks for all your time and efforts