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Greetings, Diane. I was actually wondering why I hadn’t heard from you. I thought perhaps you had cured the Candida and went on your way. =)

Yes, you can take the A, D and calcium together after the same meal. You should take probiotics on an empty stomach, at least an hour before eating or two hours afterwards. Early in the morning or late at night are usually the best times.
MSM, actually called Methyl Sulfonyl Methane, is an organic sulfur compound found naturally in some foods. It was shown in research to reduce osteoarthritis pain, so it’s sometimes added to glucosamine and used in arthritis products. The active ingredient is believed to be the sulfur itself which may have the ability of strengthening collagen.

Many Candida sufferers claim that MSM helped their Candida symptoms as well as the die-off symptoms. As a bonus, MSM studies show that it offers more relief from constipation than prescribed medication. So, as they say, you may be killing two or even three birds with one stone by using MSM.

For your health and particularly for the constipation problem I would suggest eating at least a small amount of food in the morning, and if you’re eating just a small amount of food at each meal, I would suggest four meals a day. Even a small slice of coconut flour bread in the morning would help with elimination as it is not only high in protein, but also fiber.

Diane, were you able to find Oil of Oregano? Actually, this oil is used widely for constipation, even acute constipation, plus it’s the number one natural antifungal that I would recommend along with a high count of probiotics. It is especially important to start with very small doses of this antifungal.

About the bacon; a lot of Candida sufferers cannot tolerate pork in any form, others seem to have no problem at all with it. My position is to leave it completely alone, as there’s a reason why most people are bothered by it, and that reason can’t be good or beneficial to a person with Candida. Plus, I would say to eat red meat only on a limited basis while treating Candida. Chicken, young fish such as herring and sardines, eggs, and eventually, after 4 to 6 weeks on a strict Candida diet, small amounts of dried beans can suffice as the daily protein intake.

Take care, Able