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Hello, Diane. So sorry about not answering you earlier today, but somehow I missed your post. Please forgive me.

If you’ve been aggressively attempting to kill off the Candida, it’s much more logical that you’re experiencing the die-off symptoms at this time rather than symptoms of the Candida. The symptoms really can seem to be worse than the Candida, at least they certainly were for me.

Try to enjoy in the fact that when you’re experiencing these terrible feelings, it means that Candida are being killed by the thousands, and that’s a good thing, although their toxins aren’t. Can you find the Molybdenum in your area? Also, if there is a sauna in the area, definitely look into visiting there for a long session. If not a sauna, you can fill your tub with water as hot as you can bear (hot enough to make you perspire soon afterwards) and get in for at least 20 minutes. Make the room very warm also; because what you need to do is perspire, in fact, any way that you can make yourself perspire will help because you will be getting rid of some of the toxins in this manner. To help elimination along, drink plenty of water, always, but especially during this time.

Do not under any circumstances allow yourself to become even mildly constipated during a die-off experience. What you want to do is to eliminate the toxins, and not allow them to build up.

And by the way, to make sure you understand, I do not believe that this is the Candida symptoms.

Hope you feel a lot better soon.