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Hi, Diane.

Quote: (eccitare) “Nearly perfect, eccitante is the correct spelling.”
Ok, so I looked it up this time (always a day late), and “eccitare” actually means “to excite” rather than “exciting” which of course is what your word is. So it kinda looks like I was telling you to go find something to excite. So your “nearly perfect” comment gave me a good laugh after I read the exactly meaning of the word.

About Pistachios:
Correct, as you wrote, pistachios normally have mold. In fact, pistachios and peanuts are two of the highest mold-content nuts available. And regardless of what the article says about pistachios and fiber, they actually only contain about 3 grams of fiber per serving.
The guy could have used the name of just about any nut in place of pistachios in the article, and still have used the same description. Practically all nuts contain copper, phosphorus, and manganese, and almonds contain 4 grams of fiber per serving rather than 3.
An avocado would make more sense as a snack item, at least for me. They contain basically the same nutrients that are in the pistachios, including antioxidants, the benficial fats, and instead of 3 grams of fiber per serving, they contain about 14 grams. And they do contain the copper, phosphorus, manganese, and potassium. In fact, an avocado contains about
Plus, avocados contain the amino acids which allow our body to build its own protein. Eating or digesting these amino acids is a lot easier on the on the digestion than regular food protein because, before the body can use the actual proteins, it has to break them down during digestion, which of course is not necessary with the amino acids.
Ok, I’m finished, your turn. Let’s hear it for the pistachios.

Lots of people eat buckwheat flour and flaxseed meal on the diet, pesonally don’t see a problem with having either a few times a week.

You wrote, “I am taking the oil of oregano together with the probiotics.” You should be taking the oil of oregano after meals and the probiotic on an empty stomach.

Quote: “I sometimes have an omelet with coconut bread and olive oil at the same time. Is that a good combination? Egg is protein, bread is carb although the carb is 4gram per 100 grams and olive oil is fat.”
As you saw by your carb count, coconut bread is low in carbs compared to other carbohydrate foods, so it’s no problem. Of course in a typical meal you’re going to have all three of those, but it’s a situation where a person overdoes it with any given item (sometimes all three) that does harm as far as cholesterol is concerned. This is a perfect example why four somewhat smaller meals a day is better than say two large meals, which is typical for a lot of Americans. I don’t think skipping meals is done in Europe as much as it is here in the states.

About the grains, a lot of the yeast diets don’t allow any type of grain, but quinoa, millet, buckwheat, amaranth, and barley are all grains, and I know of patients who have eaten one or more of these all the way through their treatment and still reached a cure. You can treat each one as a test item if you prefer to, and of course you won’t try but one a week.

You know if I were going to Perugia the first place I’d visit would be the National Archeological Museum, or the Museo Archeologico Nazionale. Yeah, I’m showing off a little since you taught me to speak Italiano.

You be sure to let us know how fantastic those organic restaurants were.