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Hello, Diane

I’m so sorry you’re having this pain again, but I don’t think you need to cut out protein all together. Perhaps having it once a day in some form other than fish or chicken (or red meat) would be better.
By the way, it’s Betaine HCI, sorry about the typo. How many of these have you been taking? I’m sure you read the in-depth instructions located in the link I sent earlier.

As I mentioned, of course the pain could be something apart from the Candida, just keep that in mind, and I suggest that if the pain doesn’t lessen considerably and quickly, that you consult a physician to rule that possibility out.
Since I can’t address the possibility of a different cause, I’m going to talk about the pain as associated with Candida.
As I said, it sounds a lot like indigestion of some sort, especially since it isn’t stationary. This also makes sense because of the change in your eating habits plus the larger meals you’ve been consuming. However, for the same reasons I suppose it could also be pain from the Candida. Under the assumption that it’s indigestion, do you have and use Grape Bitters? These can help to prevent indigestion.

Try to keep a written account of where the pain is and what you ate at each meal prior to a particular pain location as there may be clues in that.

As far as the probiotics, it’s too bad you don’t have more available to you, as I believe they would be of benefit.

I’m not sure why you want to stop the antifungals?

I’m going to read all the papers I’ve written on pain and Candida, perhaps there’s something I’ve not thought of yet, and I’ll get back with more information.