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Dear Able.,

I am very unhappy to report that I am feeling really sick and miserable. Terrible abdominal pains but no constipation.
No energy whatsoever. I have not been able to get my hands on candidate yet because delivery time is long so I will get it
when I come back from my holidays. Is this normal, should I be feeling so sick. Does this mean that I have a terrible case of candida? I get confused and scared, since I am not getting any professional help. I have finally managed to make an appointment with a naturopath, however that wont be till end of August.
In the meant time I have stopped the probiotics and all supplementation, just in case, I might be having too much die off.
The truth is that I have been attacking it like crazy. So perhaps now I am paying the price. I really hope that I am on the right track. What do you think Able??

Hope you manage to read this today!