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I hope so too, however I hardly think that yesterday’s meal will be a terrible set back. To counter a terrible relapse, today i took some bentonite so that it will drag some of the bad things out. My neck hurts today its like ive got a stiff neck but i am quite sure that its the side effects of yesterday.

ive found some delicious goat cheese, its a very soft cheese and it seems to be the first step before turning it into ricotta, the ingredients are yogurt milk, caglio which I cant find the meaning too, internet connection too slow. And salt i didnt get any reactions although I am not so sure since i tried it yesterday in my first time ever giving in to temptatiom after 4 weeks. What do you think of the cheese?

Oh yes the word I was looking for in my previous post was pita bread, very often used by the
Greeks and the Turks.

Yes i am taking a 3 in one calicum + magnesium + zinc
I am taking 24 million, twice a day and 6 drops oil of oregano

I will up my intake of the probiotics, I also found a delicious kefir here in Italy, yum yum. I take Bout 250 grams a day, have not started the garlic pill yet.

Which are the fibre rich vegetables?

Thanks and



P.s how was your weekend at the laks?