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Hi Able! Hi Diane!

Great suggestion on the toothpaste….I thought I’d thought of everything

My probiotics said they have 5 million and 8 strains. Yesterday i poured 2 out into about 1/2 a cup of milk to test them and put them in the fridge uncovered. It hasnt seemed to do much but form mini clumps that appear to be whatever starch is holding together….no real thickening or curdling like Ive seen or read about 🙁 seems to indicate more money down the drain.

Im now on the end of day 8, and my eating has been typically 2 hard boiled eggs as I walk out the door for work, some form of protein and vegetables for lunch……ive been alternating between fish chicken steak, lamb and turkey. Yesterday I got real creative and made a shepherds pie with mashed tzatziki turnips and cauliflower instead of potatoes and a cinnamon lamb. throuout the day ive been snacking on a mix i made of raw almonds, raw shelled pumpkin seeds, and unsweetened coconut chips. Ive been juicing occasionally with different greens. Also, raw nut butter and celery. I always feel hungry. I am also 95 pounds soaking wet.

Thank you!