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Do not worry about it and do not get upset. I was the same way and felt deep in my gut that my symptoms are not related to my psyche but had not proof for it. As you get better with nutrition alone, that will be your proof because if you’re crazy then you would not get better just by yourself 🙂

I do believe there is a lot of anxiety we all experience while struggling with candida symptoms. A lot of them are scary and make you feel like loosing control over your life completely. Those scary symptoms are causing the anxiety which in turn makes some of the symptoms even worse.

I started this diet a year ago. Struggled a lot because most of the stuff recommended here I could not get my hands on in the country of my residence. But good news is that I pulled through. I am not healed yet, I feel it, but I am 99% symptom free. The 1% is for those off days I still may have occasionally which may not be even caused by anything else but bad weather or something, but I am not sure so… I do want to say that I do not have any anxiety now, I am smiling, I have patience for my kids and enjoying life. I go places with them, we go riding horses, ice skating, to the mountains, walk long distance, play in snow… all the things I could not do a year ago. I’ve been from doctor to doctor for months, I’ve even been hospitalized twice, third time I refused as they were not doing anything for me but kept me away from my kids, and the only good thing I got out of it is diagnosis of my auto-immune disease which I used to modify my diet accordingly. I now combine anti-candida diet with Dr. Wahls diet which fights auto-immune diseases and this is what was the last piece of the puzzle I was missing to completely recover.

So with this post I wanted to give you a glimpse into the future if you take your recovery seriously and push forward. you can still go to doctors, nod on the nonsense they tell you and do your own thing. My doctor kept telling me I should eat boiled potatoes, rice and chicken for my diarrhea. I nodded, said thank you and returned home to my healthy salad 🙂 If you try to explain your ways, they just mark you as a psyche case and will not help you, just try to drug you back to sanity (in their opinion).

Best of luck to you!