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There are companies who can do home testing for mold, mercury, radiation, and all sorts of things…it probably costs a couple hundred bucks.

Do you notice that you feel good only when you are not at home?

If you leave a piece of paper or other item out for a week, is it covered in dust? This could be mold spores…

There are simple ways to reduce the amount of mold in a home…a dehumidifier would reduce the amount of moisture in the air. An air purifier will remove any particles in the air. (UV) light kills mold as well. Putting a hepa quality filter on your furnace will grab more particles from the air.

A simple way to see if you have mold is to take a black light and flash the light over various surfaces…the mold will appear as a different color.

I feel for your woes because mold is what got me here in the first place. My new house isn’t mold free either but luckily its way better and I am not there nearly as much. The basement is very bad for me and I try to limit my time down there. All of my stuff in the basement is ruined by the mold.

Mold ruined my life.