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I myself used that that site for testing. The test comprises of a mouth swab and a stool sample then its sent to a lab in Germany. The results come back via email in about a week then a detailed paper copy is also sent out about a week or 2 after that. The test is fully broken down and is easy to understand and also comes with a basic advice sheet along with diet. They also recommend that you have a conciltation with there nutritionalist which will cost £40 gbp’s and she will give you a supplement plan and and a big list of supplements to take which work out about to £80 gbp’s a month!!

I was a scared newbie when I got tested so did pay for the conciltation which was ok but to be honest there’s so much more info from the people on the forum and it’s free and they’re not trying to get a sale from you. As for the supplements she advised me to buy, they wouldn’t of done much at all to be honest as there were nothing in the supplement plan that would actually Kill of yest ie garlic, oregano oil. For this reason I decided to do my own plan using better and a hell of a lot cheaper and wouldn’t have to keep going back for more consultations as the problem wouldn’t have been fixed costing me more money.

So my advice would be – yes do get the kit because it let’s you know how bad your yeast overgrowth is and the breakdown of the results are excellent, as for having a consultation and a plan made up etc, don’t waste your money. Plenty of info on this forum to sort yourself out and lots of friendly people and support.

Hope this helps