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kodaz2005;40264 wrote:

The other thing people need to be careful with is, many of the companies selling this SB product claim it doesn’t require refrigeration. I personally wouldn’t purchase it from any company not keeping the product refrigerated. I actually purchased the Jarrow’s SB from Amazon a couple of years ago and they shipped in regular packaging with no ice pack. Maybe that’s why I didn’t get anything out of it.

Hi Kodaz2005 – I’ve not heard of the need to refridgerate SB. Mine is sitting in the cupboard at home! Is this a hunch or the result of your research?

Misscandida: great news! Keep us informed. It’s exciting.

Re: mixing with anti-fungals, there seems to be little knowledge about this. But if you should avoid any or all of them, then I fail to see how taking them some time after the SB will prevent killing it. I hope this is inaccurate: I simply can’t throw swede out; it’s my staple (1kg per night!).


Hi Len,

I stopped at Whole foods to buy my SB and they had their SB product in the fridge. I didn’t buy their SB because it was the Jarrow’s brand with Moss which I had heard bad things about and linked their ingredients to sugar.

I bought the nutricology brand. They state the product needs to be refrigerated. As far as I know every probiotic I have seen or purchased required refrigeration. My feeling is why take any risk. All of us have been through enough as it is and clearly there appears to at least be a risk it could spoil.

Re: mixing anti fungals. I’m not sure if you mixed your words up, but your statement is confusing. My point is I’m pondering NOT avoiding the natural anti-fungals and then leaving a good amount of time in between to take the SB probiotic yeast. This is the same concept that is part of the protocol and diet on the forum. You take the Anti-fungals and natural Anti-fungal foods and take probiotics like Kefir at least 3 hours after it.

Thanks for this. I bought Thorne’s product, which says it must be stored in a cool, dry place. After spending £50 on it, the idea that it may be compromised is frustrating.

My question about the antifungals and SB was answered between you and Jorge. Just as well: my internet access is down, and typing coherent posts on my smart phone is never going to happen!