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garcia1184;40272 wrote:


yea the one I bought previously was the exact same one you bought recently. It was the Jarrow’s brand with Moss. Who knows maybe it wasn’t the lack of refrigeration that caused the problem and maybe it was because the damn product actually has sugar in it.

Are you planning on stopping all natural anti-fungals and any other probiotics you are taking now when you start the SB? I’m a little torn in this part of it. I would tend to doubt natural anti-fungals like Rutabaga & Brussell Sprouts would hurt it, especially if appropriate time is left in between. I’m wondering if it’s better to maybe keep the anti-fungals in the first half of the day and do the SB later in the day leaving a good amount of time before and after taking SB. What are you thinking regarding this?

yea you would think these Jarrow guys wouldn’t put any type of sugar in the form of saccharide or dextrin in seeing how nearly all sugars lead to glucose as an end product, but the geniuses still managed to include it.

though I’ve heard conflicting arguments on how taking antifungals and probiotics at the same time would have a cancelling effect, from what I’ve read they are actually synergistic and cause chronic die-off if used close together so you have the right idea taking them far apart in the day as it states at least 3 hours apart:

right now the only antifungal I take regularly is coconut oil. you should slowly increase with your antifungals while on the probiotics and closely monitor your bodily reactions to be safe. taking them both spread within the day is definitely a solid approach. did your SB come in today?

Yea, my SB came in and I started on it earlier, so today is day 1. After all, I think I’m going to just give this a go with the SB only and drop all antifungals for a while. It will make it a lot easier for me to determine if it is helping me as well as opposed to not knowing if the antifungals are also contributing.

The company I used for my order did a really thorough job with the packaging and the pricing was good. Each bottle I ordered was packed separately in it’s own temperature bag with a cold pack in it. I would highly recommend them to anyone on the forum. Also, if anyone on the forum is thinking about trying the S. Boulardi this company sent me a 10$ off coupon to refer a friend. So essentially we both get 10$ off. You can order anything you want on their site. If anyone is interested, just PM me and let me know. I would be happy to save 10$ on my next order 🙂