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I have them for over a month now. I am on month three of the treatment, but got organized with forums diet in month two only. I am taking cal/mag/zinc as suggested and tried different doses (high, medium, low) since deficiency and toxicity of these have same symptoms but had no success.

I did increase kefir intake and I was told kefir contains decent amount of potassium. Didn’t try taking supplement yet.

I am chronically dehydrated since even before the treatment (had chronic diarrhea for three months or so), but even now during the treatment I feel dehydrated all the time even though I do manage to get between 2 and 4 quarts of liquids in me. It all just goes out into the urine it seems. Anyone else experiences this?

I wonder if most of the supplements and foods we take are detox, the way you detox is to get the stuff out so perhaps they flush the water out of the body and toxins with it. Any logic behind my thinking here?

Any way we can stay hydrated during treatment? Any advice?