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carriel wrote: I know that this will be a little different depending on each individual but curious to know your recommendations re: when it would be appropriate to test/add teff & buckwheat flours? (and 100% buckwheat soba noodles?) Also, after reading the ‘hemp protein bread’ post I’m wondering about this as well. I haven’t seemed to have any trouble with a little organic coconut flour so I’m hoping that the others can be added not too far down the road.(I’m at the 6 week mark-1 week cleanse/5 weeks strict website diet.)

(many many questions!)

The taste of the hemp protein bread is quite good, especially with a bit of stevia added, but it was very dry when cooked for an hour. I will try it again & test it at 20-30m. I added some desiccated coconut & more cinnamon than Sam had done.

Hemp Protein acts as the flour, so if your worried about the carb load it might be a better alternative.